FAUNO – located within the Hotel Parco Borromeo – is a refined and elegant restaurant with a spacious air-conditioned, glass and iron. La Veranda Park is perfectly set in the context of the Palace and Park – one of the most important and beautiful of Lombardy – on which it overlooks.

Fauno is treated with so much passion by Simone Toninato chef and Sandro Vitiello maitre sommelier – Quality in the choice of raw materials in the preparation of dishes professionalism and attention to the needs of guests.


Our buffet breakfast (continental and American) is served in the Hall of frescoes and the beautiful veranda overlooking the Park, every morning from 07:00 until 10:00a.m.

We offer our guests a range of accurate types of buffet consisting of hot products, products, fresh pastries, juices and fresh milk in a jug. All hot drinks are served at the table at the request of each guest.


For all our guests who were, because of work commitments or needs related to travel, perform a check-out (before 07:00a.m.), we are always able to prepare and deliver our Packet Breakfast. This service does not involve any additional cost to our guests with arranging Bed & Breakfast.


Dinner for max. 13 people – In an area adjacent to the Hotel, along with some of our beautiful Meeting Rooms   –   Room CROCIERE, Room ADUNANZA and Room CONCILIO   –   you can access the site more special and secret of our structure, the ancient GHIACCIAIA, discovered during the renovation work of those who were once the homes of the servants of the Palazzo Borromeo – Arese.

A transparent glass floor lighted offers views of the pit below, while the thick walls all around are reminiscent of the olden days, when the circular truncated cone was filled with snow and the tunnel housed around, cool, great wine barrels and foods.

An important dehumidification system and underfloor heating were covered with teak flooring and cloves sanded and polished porphyry, on which was laid a beautiful semi-circular staircase with glass steps and parts, as well as the large circular table that can hold up to 13 seated guests.

We wanted to make this place unique and special, in a convivial space for private events, corporate or high-level conference, excellent to host a welcome cocktail or a Finger Food Buffet certainly magical and exclusive where you can organize a small Gala Dinner, including soft lighting, candles and torches, in a charming and fascinating.


For all our guests who were, because of work commitments or needs related to travel, make a late check-in (after 10:00p.m.), we are able to arrange for Dinner “cold” served with a buffet of cold meats and mixed cheeses, salads and fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, water and wine.
This service must necessarily be booked by telephone, not later than 9:00p.m. on the evening of arrival.